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【Includes full security】 Affordable Mangobuku course 2h All you can drink All 7 items 4300 yen

【Includes full security】 Affordable Mangobuku course 2h All you can drink All 7 items 4300 yen

4300 yen

  • 7items
  • 2persons-
  • All-you-can-drink available
    120 minutes All you can drink (last order 90 minutes) * You can change premium all-you-can-eat at + 500 yen!

Must see who wants a party at a reasonable price at a sushi shop !!! What a surprise! The secretary also gets fucked hard at the course with 'full stomach guarantee'! With + 500 yen (tax included), change to the all-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat sushi industry premium 50 kinds OK! There is no room to get lost with other stores at!

Course menu

Course content (7 items in total)

◇ Ramen salad

◇ From Yanagibashi Market Serious Serpent "Plum"

◇ Grilled grilled chicken dish sauce

◇ Characterized pot

◇ Deep-fried oyster and fried chicken

◇ Creative Roses Chirashi Sushi

◇ Original dessert

【What is fullness guarantee】

【Manpaku Course】 Attached to, astounding service!

In the Mang Pu Course, all the dishes were harassed, but everything was hurt ...... For those who felt that "I am not satisfied yet" or "I do not want it"

We will serve additional cuisine.

※ Additional cooking example) Hand-rolled sushi, fried chicken · potato fried · · · etc etc

※ You can not specify dish.There is change of content depending on that day.

※ Please be careful as security will not be applied unless all dishes of customers are empty!

All-you-can-drink menu

· Draft beer · Sapporo red label
· Glass wine
· Garcia (red · white)
· Shochu
- Full-flavor shochu (potato / wheat)
·Plum wine
· Plain plum wine · Yuzu plum wine
· Shochu high
· Lemon · Lime · Calpis · Grapefruit
· Gin Tonic · Jin Lime · Cassis Orange · Cassis Soda · Cassis Grape · Moscommeur · Screwdriver
· Horn balls
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea · Green tea · Coke · Gingerjar · Calpis · Grapefruit juice
· Laurel crown crown (hot and cold sake)
Reservation deadline
Until 21:00 on the day before the desired store visit
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

2018/11/21 update